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Ty Davis


Born in Bakersfield, California in 1969, and raised on Hesperia, Davis started riding at a very early age, starting to compete at age 12 where he found the sport to be both rewarding and addicting.

From the Early 1990’s to the early 2000’s Ty Davis was arguably one of the most versatile champions in AMA motorcycle racing. Winning at national-caliber events from the tight enduros of the East to the wide-open spaces of the western desert. Ty racked up AMA National Championships and captured the respect of fellow racers across the nation.

Ty Davis Blast from the past

Ty is the 1990 Supercross 125cc West Region Champion, AMA National Enduro Champion in 1995.  AMA Hare and Hound Champion, 1997,1998, 2002. Aboard an ATK, Ty won the AMA Supercross season in both the 500cc and 600cc class.

Later competing in and winning the Baja 1000 4 times and taking runner up honors in the Baja 500 narrowly missing the number 1 spot by 17 seconds due to a bad pit stop. Davis also earned Kawasaki its first and only overall endure title in 1995.

Ty Davis National #22

Ty has also had equal success in the business world, starting his own company, Zip-Ty Racing Products where he develops and sells motorcycle products for off road racing.

Perhaps his most notable accomplishment was being inducted in the AMA Hall of Fame in 2012.

We are honored to have Ty Davis be our rider of record to compete in the 2020 Baja 500 aboard the Lucas Oil YZ450FX for RD Racing.

Mac Gritton

Mac Gritton Baja 500 start

Mac grew up in Ridgecrest , CA in the Mojave Desert and started riding dirt bikes at 11 years of age. He has participated in just about every off-road motorcycle event there is. Although he started racing Motocross in 1974, most of his racing career took place in the highly competitive D37 Off Road Racing District in Southern California. Mac is a former licensed A-Expert Enduro/Desert racer and earned the District 37 #7 overall plate back in 92’. Shortly after, while living in Colorado, he was an A-Enduro rider and competed in the RMEC Enduro circuit in the Rocky Mountain Region.  

Mac Gritton Nationa Qualifier


For the last 14 years, Mac has lead a highly competitive Dual Sport Ride from Reno to Las Vegas. He has put together a group of riders on a 4 day off road journey across the Western Nevada Desert. Lucas Oil was one of the event sponsors in 2014. Typically, arriving in Las Vegas and finishing out the week working at SEMA/AAPEX. On this ride, Mac’s responsible for formulating a point-to-point navigation plan that includes organizing a chase vehicle 

Mac Gritton Deanza MX 87'
  • and suitable camping sites and get all riders to the finish line at the end of the journey

  • .Mac’s Xriderdown prepared Husqvarna was featured at SEMA in the back of a WARN Schutt Industries “Go Prepared” trailer in 2011. 

  • Last year Mac came out of retirement to compete in the Baja 500 on Team Jet-A racing. This year he will compete on Team RD Racing / Team Ridgecrest in the 2020 Best In The Desert 50+ Expert class.

Darren Moen

Darren Moen D73

In the mid 1980’s Darren was a top level Amateur off-road racer, quickly climbing the ranks in the highly competitive District 37 Desert racing series.  While ascending the ranks, Darren made the difficult decision to leave racing to pursue his career and a family.

After a 20 year absence from racing, Darren started racing again in 2008. Picking up where he left off he quickly moved from Amateur to the Expert rank and has been a staple in Southern California off-road racing over the past decade. 


Daerren Moen 100 MC's

In addition to top level racing, Darren has served as an officer for District 37 Off-Road Racing Organization and 100's Motorcycle Club (President, Vice President and Race Referee), in an effort to promote and manage quality racing events for all competitors.

Series Accomplishments Include:

#1 40+ Heavyweight Expert Class in District 37 Best of the West Series.

Eight consecutive years earning a Top 10 overall series finish in District 37 Desert Racing.

Five consecutive years earning a Top 10 overall series finish in District 37 Enduro Racing.

Daren Moen Flyn' high

Individual Race Accomplishments Include:

2nd 50+ Pro 2018 Baja 500.

1st Place 40+ Heavyweight Expert Badgers 2 day Scrambles Event.

2nd  Place 50+ Lightweight Expert and 12th overall finisher (all classes included) Checkers Desert Scrambles.

2nd Place 50+ Lightweight Expert Prospectors West Coast Hare Scrambles.

 When not racing Darren works with his family business managing maintenance and renovation of rental properties and development of various income properties. 

 Darren is married to his wife, Denise and has four adult children and three grandchildren. 

Sean Bradley

sean testing.JPG

Sean’s love of dirt bikes began when he was 12 years old growing up in Ridgecrest, CA.  After riding recreationally, he took his love of riding to the next level and began racing in the AMA District 37 off-road desert events in 1984.  The first year he advanced quickly from the beginner level to the intermediate level nearly earning his expect status.  In 1985 he participated in his first “Big” race, Barstow to Vegas, placing 10th overall, 3rd 250 Expert.  



By this time at the age of 15, he had fully succumbed to the addiction of dirt bikes. 

Over the years he continued to race with excellent results and multiple sponsorships. In 2001, with the support of his family, he focused on his goal of winning the number one plate in the Veterans 250 Expert class. He achieved that goal and held the number one plate from 2001-2005. In 2004 Sean not only retained the number one Veteran plate in District 37, he also earned the number one plates in the National Hare and Hound Series and the Big Six Grand Prix Championship.


After raising a family, Sean has again focused his extra time on racing and has set his sights on competing in the District 37 Senior Expert Class and Score Baja Racing Series.

A few Career highlights:

1987 Best of the West 250 Expert Champion

2004 30+ National Hare and Hound Champion

2004 30+ Big 6 Grand Prix Champion

2001-2005 AMA District 37 Veteran 250 #1 plate holder (V1x)

Jason Trubey



Jason started riding dirt bikes in 1988 at the age of 13.  His father raced DRA desert races in the 70's and decided to start riding again in 88. After only a couple months of experience Jason decided to enter his very first race 1988. The infamous Barstow to Vegas. Unfortunately,

he timed out at Whiskey Pete's!  




Jason grew up in Southern California racing D37 and moving through the ranks until earning his "Red" Expert stripe at the age of 16.  He achieved many top 10 finishes riding his trusty KX500 before eventually taking a 10 year hiatus for school and life.  He started riding and racing again in 2001 and hasn’t stopped since.  



Here are just some of Jason’s notable accomplishments: 

  • 4x SCORE class champion (most notably the 2019 Class 40 champ).  Also, 2oa at the 2007 Baja 1000 that finished in Cabo riding for the Honda "B" team.  

  • Local MRAN series championships with multiple overall wins

  •  Multiple BITD class championships

  • Happily married for 25 year with 3 children, 28, 19, and 12

Erick Jacobs


Erick also grew up in Ridgecrest and has quite a list of desert racing accomplishments on both 2 & 4 wheels as well as Jet Ski:


1985-1991 Multiple Motocross Wins in the Pro Class 125/250 CRC CMC & AMA.

1991-1993 Multiple Stand Up Jet Ski Wins in Expert Class IJSBA

2003-2006 Multiple Wins in Karting Tag Heavy Class for Mike Manning Karting


2007 Best In the Desert Class 10 Championship Off Road

2007 Best in the Desert Pahrump 250 Class 10 Win

2007 Best in the Desert Runner Up Vegas to Reno Class 10

2011 Score 250 Class 1 and Overall Unlimited Winner

2012 Class 1 Best in the Desert 4th in Points Unlimited Class




2013 Score Baja 1000 12th Overall Trophy Truck

2016 Score Trophy Truck Spec Baja 1000 Class Winner

2018 Baja 500 ProMoto 50, 2nd Place

2018 Motion Tire Trophy Truck

winner & overall winner.

Tier 4 Driving Instructor for Ford Motor Company

Steve McQueen


McQueen was born in the Indianapolis suburb of Beech Grove, Indiana, on March 24, 1930. After his stint in the service, McQueen took up motorcycling. His first motorcycle was a 1946 Indian Chief.

In the early 1960s, he came across some off-road cyclists riding in the hills. McQueen was awestruck by the skill of the riders motoring up incredibly steep hills. The very next day, he purchased a Triumph 500cc off-road bike from Bud Ekins and before long McQueen began competing in off-road events around Southern California.



McQueen competed in the 1964 International Six Day Trial in Germany with Bud and Dave Ekins. Steve’s enthusiasm for motorcycling did wonders for the image of the sport

McQueen raced in many of the top off-road races on the West Coast during the ‘60s and early-1970s, including the Baja 1000, the Mint 400 and the Elsinore Grand Prix.
He never could race enough, because of his movie commitments, to earn enough points for his expert license. He raced as an amateur and usually finished ahead of the other amateurs and most of the experts.



Steve helped finance a documentary and participated in a movie that turned out to be the classic, "On Any Sunday,"
McQueen died from lung cancer on November 7, 1980. He was just 50 years old. His contribution to motorcycling helped the sport overcome its outlaw image and helped set the stage for the popularity of the sport during the 1990s and beyond.

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